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Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic trains students to synthesize sociological approaches using a holistic and comparative process of addressing issues of social inequality. By offering several points of reference, they build knowledge, connect real-life experiences, and are prepared to demonstrate the appropriate application of theories and concepts. The students present annually at professional conferences. Students explore new ways of thinking about and solving problems. Howard-Bostic identifies a student research team to present at the Advena World Conference Series. Advena World provides forums for researchers, scholars, academics, educators, analysts, experts, and independent investigators to present, discuss, and critique their investigations into the areas of social sciences, humanities, leadership, management, education, liberal arts, and human development.

CLICK HERE to access the student biographies of Howard-Bostic's student research team.


Spring 2014: Accommodations/Disability Services (ECCSSA)

The project entitled, "Integration of Innovative Technology and Linguistics in Education and Disability Services" entails a poster presentation with accompanying handouts. The poster illustrates findings from a multimedia student-learning project and corresponding literature review that examines how innovative technology and linguistic tools enrich learning experiences for students, especially those with disabilities. The project promotes added social presence in an online learning environment via transcriptions, audio, visuals, and student-focused classroom notes. The literature describes software, methods, and teaching strategies that are accessible via computer or telephone. With this enhancement, students experience the sharing of personal life, professional interests, discussion about the course, and humor. Jessica Smith and Faroat Andasheva presented the poster on April 4, 2014 at the East Coast Colleges Social Science Association's 40th annual meeting in Herndon, VA. CLICK HERE to download the research poster in PDF format OR CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube video of the presentation.

Fall 2014: Gender and Leadership Abroad in England

The project entitled,“Gender and Leadership Abroad” took place in West Virginia, London, and Oxford, England. The cooperative learning experience (SOCI 392) took place from Dec 5-10. The cooperative learning project offered an opportunity to expand the student’s knowledge on several aspects of gender. Deidre Ellis completed 20 hours of local community service in WV. Then, as part of the cooperative learning experience, we attended the Welcome Collection Exhibition in London sponsored by the Institute of Sexology. The exhibition brought together more than 200 pieces of art, photography, and ethnology shaping behaviors, identity, and psychological theory of the study of sex and gender. The literature at the exhibit also highlighted various new options for focused groups and programs for transgendered teens. Finally, we attended the Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium at the Margaret Thatcher Centre of Somerville College, University of Oxford from Dec 8-9, 2014. We encountered symposium participants who traveled from 17 different countries to share 50+ unique presentations about leadership processes and grass roots transformation. Educators, lawyers, community developers, and students presented several methodologies across diverse disciplines to enhance knowledge and encouraged dialogue about globally recognized leadership roles of women. (CLICK HERE to view images from the project in PDF format.)

Spring 2015: Service Learning as an Empowerment Tool (ECCSSA)

The project entitled, “Transforming the College Experience using Service Learning” explores service learning as a transformational learning process in academia. Lisa Carden , Cassidy Morris , and Rachel Tysor present about service learning as an academic tool on April 11, 2015 at the East Coast Colleges Social Science Association's 41st Annual Meeting in Herndon, VA.. They explore the history of service learning in academia. The poster examines pros and cons of students’ college experiences when service learning is incorporated in the process. The poster also offers research findings about various challenges reported while interacting with the community during service projects. In particular, the poster introduces a more traditional purpose of incorporating service in fraternities and sororities. Then, the student team presents a transformation of service learning in their classes as a curricular learner-centered teaching tool. Students enrolled in sociology courses completed a survey about their perceptions of current service learning projects offered at their institution. An overview was provided describing the unique service opportunities engaged by students at that institution. CLICK HERE to download the research poster in PDF format.

Fall 2015: Multicultural Education (Advena World)

The presentation, “Survey of Multicultural Education in the Media and on Campus” described the importance of multicultural education and the effectiveness of multicultural pedagogy in creating positive images of minority group members. They conducted surveys assessing what college students have learned about race and ethnicity from faculty in courses and at campus events. The students also examined whether media images about different cultures impacted students’ attitudes about racism, ethnicity, and privilege. They presented survey findings and recommendations for effective multicultural education practices on campus. The study about multicultural education was an innovative strategy to enhance a group’s ability to recognize and appreciate pluralistic behavior. Shamika Bruinton, a sociology major from Woodbridge, Virginia, and Micah Johnson, a college student development and administration master’s major from Austin, Texas, attended the conference at the 2015 Interdisciplinary Conference on Education, Leadership, Humanities, and Arts in Washington, DC. CLICK HERE to download the research poster in PDF format.