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Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic, Ph.D.


Lisa A. Carden completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology with the concentration on Criminal Justice at Shepherd University in 2016. Ms. Carden was the President of the Sociology and Criminology Club in the Department of Sociology and Geography. In that leadership role, she has facilitated meetings, provided documentation, and recruited new members. Ms. Carden also planned fundraisers such as Spirit Night, and is proud to have donated to organizations such as the Shenandoah Women’s Shelter. As well, she participated in Relay for Life, which is a campus-wide event to fight cancer. Ms. Carden's interests range from community volunteering, to participating in sociological projects. Alongside her role as a student, Ms. Carden also has a great passion for her current position as an animal adoption counselor. She supports abused animals, matches them with suitable adopters, and guides the adoption process. Following her graduation, Ms. Carden plans to obtain a career as a lawyer.