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Curriculum Vitae


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Dr. Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic has received a Ph.D. in Sociology, teaching certificate in Women's Studies, and Race and Social Policy research certification at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She earned a Master's degree in Urban Planning and Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies and English at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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  • (8/2016) COPLACDigital Mellon Foundation Grant, COPLACDigital, Asheville, NC
  • (7/2015) Paul and Lisa Welch Foundation Endowment Grant
  • (4/2015) SU Outstanding Teacher Award
  • (2/2015) West Virginia’s Remote Online Collaborative Knowledge System (WVROCKS) Course Creation Grant
  • (12/2014) Storer College Faculty Research/Teaching Award, SU Diversity and Equity Committee
  • (11/2014) West Virginia FACDIS International Professional Development Research/Travel Grant
  • (5/2013) Faculty Development Research Award, Shepherd University
  • (5/2013) Center for Teaching and Learning Assessment Grant, Shepherd University
  • (2/2010) Faculty of the Month, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
  • (1/2005) Citizen Scholar Award, VT Graduate School
  • (8/2005) Graduate Research Award, VT Department of Education
  • (1/2005) Graduate Research and Development Grant, VT Graduate School
  • (8/1999-6/2001) Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Fellowship, UB Center for Urban Studies
  • (5/2001) Best Professional Thesis, UB School of Architecture and Planning
  • (1/2000) Dean’s Award, UB School of Architecture
  • Education

    (5/2011) Ph. D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VT), College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Department of Sociology

  • Areas of Specialization: Criminology and Social Stratification
  • Dissertation Advisor: Professor Carol Bailey
  • Dissertation: “A Qualitative Analysis of (Female-Perpetrated) Intimate Partner Violence”
  • Certificates: Race and Social Policy Research, Women’s Studies, Citizen’s Scholar
  • (5/2001) M.U.P. State University of New York at Buffalo (UB), UB School of Architecture and Planning, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

  • Area of Specialization: Urban Management
  • Thesis Advisor: Professor Sherri Wallace
  • Thesis: “Mentoring and Asset-based Community Resource Distribution”
  • (9/1999) B.A. State University of New York at Buffalo (UB), College of Arts and Sciences, Social Science Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Program

  • Areas of study: Legal Studies (major) and English (minor)
  • Scholarly Interests

  • Cross-cultural motivations for aggression
  • Restorative justice and first-time drug offenders
  • Theories of female perpetrated intimate partner violence
  • Assistive technology and universal accommodations
  • Treatment for perpetrators of intimate partner violence
  • Online and hybrid teaching pedagogy
  • Use of control and mutually performed domestic violence
  • Transformational leadership
  • Black feminist thought and third-wave feminism
  • Certifications and Training

  • (5/2017) Integrative Wellness and Life Coach Certification
  • (11/2016) Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Training
  • (10/2016) Quality Matters Update
  • (8/2015) Blackboard Training: WV Rocks
  • (2/2015) AARP Driver Safety Course
  • (7/2014) Quality Matters Rubric Update/E-learning Certification
  • (4/2014) NIH Online Training (IRB: Human Research Compliance), Shepherd University
  • (2/2013) Quality Matters Online Course Development Certification
  • (11/2013) First Aid and CPR
  • (1/2010) Blackboard: Creating Web-based Courses, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
  • (12/2005) Designing Web-Based Surveys, Virginia Tech
  • Employment Experience

    (5/2015-present) Chair, Department of Sociology and Geography Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV

    (5/2013-present) Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies, Shepherd University, Department of Sociology and Geography, Shepherdstown, WV

  • Sociology/Criminal Justice Internship Coordinator; SAKAI online course design
  • 4-4 Course Load, Fall/Spring: SOCI 203 General Sociology (live and online), CRIM 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice (live and online), SOCI 312 Juvenile Delinquency (hybrid and online), SOCI 392 Co-Op in Sociology, SOCI 419 Internship in Sociology and Criminal Justice, SOCI 411 Social Stratification, SOCI 402 Criminology (hybrid), and CRIM 399A: Gender and Crime
  • (5/2013-present) Adjunct Instructor of Sociology Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, Division of Business/Social Sciences, Martinsburg, WV

  • SOCI 215 Human Relations (online) and SOCI 203 General Sociology (online)
  • WebCT, Blackboard, designed curriculum, multimedia course site with video and discussion board
  • (8/2007-5/2013) Assistant Professor, (Chair) Content Specialist of Social Sciences Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, Division of Social Sciences, Martinsburg, WV

  • Performed program/curriculum development, book ordering, and scheduling in the disciplinary areas of sociology, psychology, economics, philosophy, and history
  • Conducted employee hiring, Blackboard training, and performance evaluations
  • 5-5 Course Load, Fall/Spring: SOCI299 Social Inequality, SOCI 210 Sociology of Diverse Groups (live and online), SOCI 203 General Sociology (live and online), PSYC 203 Introduction to Psychology (online), PSYC 205 Abnormal Psychology, COMM 220 Intro to Intercultural Communications (online)
  • (5/2008-1/2013) Director of Institutional Assessment Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, Martinsburg, WV

  • Chair of Assessment Committee; reported to the Vice President of Academics
  • Documented assessment and institutional strategic plans for the accreditation process, analyzed institutional data, and conducted institutional grant writing
  • Evaluated all college program assessment/action plans, conducted faculty workshops on student learning, and attended assessment conferences
  • Coordinated all student assessment surveys and the teaching evaluation process for institution
  • (7/2001-5/2003) Executive Director of Housing and Human Services Fillmore-Leroy Area Residents, Inc., Buffalo, NY

  • Supervised nine full-time, eleven part-time, four interns, and seventy-seven summer employees
  • Conducted employee performance plans and program evaluations
  • Developed 18 programs for housing, community, business, and economic development initiatives
  • Established/maintained partnerships with 100+ agencies and small businesses
  • Obtained $500,000+ in new grant funding for programs and organizational operation costs
  • University Service


  • (1/2014-present) Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society, Faculty Advisor, Shepherd University
  • (1/2014-present) Sociology Club, Faculty Advisor, Shepherd University
  • (8/2013-present) Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Shepherd University
  • (8/2013-present) Sociology and Criminal Justice Internship Supervisor, Shepherd University
  • (8/2013-12/2014) Committee for Curriculum Reform, Department of Sociology, Shepherd University

  • (11/2016-present) Civility Response Team (CRT), Shepherd University
  • (9/2016-present) Diversity and Equity Committee, Shepherd University
  • (9/2016-present) Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, Shepherd University
  • (1/2014-present) Women’s Studies (WMST) Board, Shepherd University
  • (1/2014-present) Student Success Committee, Shepherd University
  • (1/2014-present) Campus Tree Committee, Shepherd University
  • (8/2013-present) Assessment Task Force, Shepherd University
  • (8/2008-5/2013) Multicultural Club, Faculty Advisor, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
  • (5/2008-5/2013) Chair, Assessment committee, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
  • (8/2007-5/2013) Retention committee, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
  • (8/2007-5/2013) Technology committee, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College